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Reviewed by:
Bill Elgin on 7-26-04
Price Range: Luxury
Pros: Nice Rooms
Terrible Hospitality
Official Website:
Mandalay Bay
Location: On the Strip
Phone: 877-632-7000

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Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort Hotel Reveiw

A week before we visited Las Vegas I called the Mandalay Bay and asked if someone could give us a brief tour when we first arrived to make sure we didn't miss anything for our review. I was told they didn't have enough time to do that. As I found out during the rest of our stay, that sort of hospitality is typical at Mandalay Bay.

The pool area was one of the main reasons that we wanted to stay at Mandalay Bay. There's a special area at the pool that my wife wanted to visit where they charge an extra $10 for admission. At the very least, she expected to get average pool side service. Unfortunately, nobody ever came by to take her drink order and she finally had to get her drinks herself the entire time she was by the pool.

To make matters worse, nobody was allowed to go into any of the pools because there was some sort maintenance problem. When I spoke to someone at Mandalay Bay about the problem, she was not very nice and I was told that I was "only paying for the room and not the pool." I don't think many guests at Mandalay Bay would agree with that point of view.

On the casino floor, things weren't much better. I stopped at one of the bars to play a little video poker and have a drink. Anyone that has been to Las Vegas knows that drinks are usually, if not always, free as long as you're playing video poker at the bar. However, I was told that a supervisor needed to approve any free drinks and I could either wait until the supervisor was there or pay for it myself. I just paid for it myself.

As a side note, I found someone's pocketbook on the casino floor with their cash, credit cards and identification. You would think it would be easy to turn it in to lost and found at Mandalay Bay, but I just got recordings when I tried to call the lost and found office. I ended up leaving my name and cell number with a security guard and asked him to contact me if someone asked about the pocketbook. I was never called, but we found out later that someone did in fact inquire about the pocketbook and we made sure it was returned ourselves.

In the poker room, they had low-limit tournaments 2 times a day during the week. I enjoyed the tournaments, but I didn't enjoy the poker room. If you decide to play there, make sure you know ALL the rules. They have one rule that I've never seen in 17 years of playing poker in California and in Las Vegas that could cost you all chips. Also, they should take Bellagio's lead and make their poker room non-smoking. Poker players sit too close together for long periods of time to have it any other way.

The only positive part about staying at Mandalay Bay was the room was nice. They had big, fluffy pillows and the window went from the ceiling all the way to the floor so we had a great view of McCarran International Airport. That sounds like I'm being sarcastic, but I really did enjoy watching the planes landing and taking off.

It's not likely that we'll be staying at Mandalay Bay again. There are just too many other choices on the Las Vegas strip that have the same or better amenities with much better hospitality.

Mandalay Bay Restaurants

3950 [not reviewed]
Contemporary classic cuisine. The freshest seafood and highest quality cuts of prime beef make for a truly tasteful evening.
Aureole [not reviewed]
Modeled after Charlie Palmer's famous New York eatery. Featuring a four-story wine tower.
Red, White and Blue [not reviewed]
Three distinct American dining experiences ranging from sandwiches to seafood to a variety of tasty sweets.
Border Grill [not reviewed]
Bold, authentic foods of Mexico.
China Grill [not reviewed]
Asian inspired cuisine served in generous portions dramatically presented and meant for sharing.
Red Square [not reviewed]
Serving over 100 varieties of vodka on Las Vegas' only ince bar, this restaurant features signature perestrojka-inspired cuisine.
Rum Jungle [not reviewed]
Entertainment and food, with dishes served on flaming skewers from a tropically-inspired menu.
Shanghai Lilly [not reviewed]
Classic Cantonese and Szechwan specialties served in a romantic and elegant setting.
Trattoria Del Lupo [not reviewed]
Wolfgang Puck presents a dining experience that is like a stroll in a small Italian piazza.
Bay Side Buffet [not reviewed]
With sweeping views of the tropical water garden, the buffet is an appropriate setting for a diverse selection.
House of Blues Restaurant [not reviewed]
Serving southern specialties with Cajun/Creole accent in a unique and comfortable setting.
Noodle Shop [not reviewed]
Authentic Cantonese and Mandarin noodles, congee and barbecue dishes.
Raffles Cafe [coffee shop]
Casual dining accendted by views of the beach area.

Mandalay Bay Shows and Entertainment

Mandalay Bay Theater [not reviewed]
Moorea Beach Ultra Lounge [no reviewed]
House of Blues [not reviewed]
Shark Reef [not reviewed]


Casino Floor
Poker Room: Yes
Cocktail Service: Average
Cocktail Quality: Average
Table Minimums: High
Table Odds (craps):


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