Basic Advice for Las Vegas Visitors

Hidden Fees
It should be illegal, but make sure you look for hidden fees when you book your room. Most, if not all of the major resorts will tack on a daily "resort fee" that can be as much or more than the original cost of the room. Consider parking fees if you'll be driving to Las Vegas and be aware that the "convenience" fee at ATM's are two or three times as much as what you might pay back home.

Alcohol in Las Vegas
You can drink 24 hours a day and you can even carry your drinks when you walk outside of the casinos. You should, however, make sure to pour your drink into a plastic cup before leaving the casino. All bartenders will gladly do that for you if you ask.

Avoid Bad Parts of Town
As long as you stay on The Strip, even at night, you're pretty safe. Still, use good common sense and avoid people that look questionable. The later it gets at night, the more you have to be aware. The same is true Downtown. It's safe if you stay on Fremont Street where everyone else is. Do not walk between the end of The Strip (The Stratosphere) to Downtown Las Vegas, even in the daytime. It's not a long walk, but it's not the best part of town and it's best to just avoid it.

Gambling Strategy
The first tip is always the best, plan on losing and stay within your gambling budget. With that said, sign-up with the casino's reward program (there's usually a location specifically for doing that). Also keep in mind that many casinos are owned by the same company, so one rewards card may work at 10 different places. Ask them what casinso are affiliated when you sign up. If you like blackjack, make sure to check out our Basic Blackjack Strategy Card. It's not cheating to actually take the card to the table with you. It just tells you how to play in every situation to get the best odds. You can find other helpful information in our Las Vegas Casino Odds section.

One mistake that I see a lot people make is they don't take advantage of all the different types of transporation that Las Vegas has to offer. There's the Las Vegas Monorail that runs between many resorts, a smaller sky tram between specific resorts and my favorite, The Deuce double decker bus that runs along the Strip to Downtown and back. And of course you can get Uber and Lyft or even a taxi. Keep in mind that if you ask a taxi driver to give you advice, sometimes he will suggest places based on kickbacks that he gets from local business. You can get detailed information in our Las Vegas transportation section.

Free Activities
Be sure to visit the many free shows and activities throughout Las Vegas.

Avoid the Crowds
If you don't like crowds, don't go to Las Vegas on New Year's Eve or during any major conventions. Heck, I even try to avoid Las Vegas on the weekends because I like it when it's less busy.

The two weeks before Christmas is the best time to visit Las Vegas if you like to visit during the slowest time of the year. However, you should know that many of the shows are dark during that time.