Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Dance Clubs

A dance club for people who dont like dance clubs. It's a great place to dance until 3am, meet your next potential lover, have a date night, drink champagne on your birthday and consume substances and let your mind explore.

Downtown Brewery

Banger Brewery
Located on Fremont Street in the heart of all the fun, you can enjoy the many types of craft beers they have on tap. Their patio is a great spot to have a cold beer and watch the people and street peformers that stroll up and down Fremount Street.

Downtown Speakeasy

The Laundry Room
The Laundry Room is actually a smaller speakeasy bar located in the Commonwealth that does not sell beer or wine. It's quiet, mobile devices are frawned upon and the cocktails are carefully crafted. Talk nicely to someone in the Commonwealth and see if they will get you in.

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